Landmark Designs is a niche Website Management Company, providing complete website management solutions for businesses and professionals. The company is structured to provide the best solution to match our customer’s requirements. We have been designing and managing websites since 1999 and many of our clients have specialised requirements which we have accommodated.

We have over 20 years experience in developing and project managing IT systems to customer specifications in the UK, South Africa, Australia, Holland and the USA. Our technical expertise includes programming, project management, systems analysis, networks, design and development. In the late 1980s we implemented a Bulletin Board that used Fidonet, which was the forerunner of what is now the internet. This was the Durban branch of the only national bulletin board system covering Durban, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Equally, our website designers are conscious of the need to design sites which will fulfil the customer’s requirements, while at the same time, using up-to-date styling technologies and graphic design techniques. Keeping speed and loading times fast, while maintaining technical excellence.

Our client base is exclusive, so we can offer a friendly and personal touch, with a professional approach and technical excellence. This allows us to maintain a close relationship with our clients and maintain high standards of quality. We strive to provide the best, cost-effective solution for our customers.

We tailor our designs to work well with search engines, thus managing your search engine optimization. Polls show that more than 85% of surfers use search engines and directories to locate information on the Internet. We make sure your web site is visible in the search engines and directories that your customers and clients use.

Thank you for considering Landmark Designs, our staff of designers, programmers and engineers have a wealth of talent to create for you a professional, aesthetically pleasing and functional presence on the internet. We look forward to forging a close relationship with your company.