LANDMARK DESIGNs : Hosting services we provide :-

LANDMARK Designs is not an Internet Service Provider (ISP) providing dial-up or other internet connections, we focus soley on providing a competitively priced service in web site management, design and optimization, together with web site hosting on a Landmark dedicated Server by a third party Host Provider. The Servers currently have an average of 99.8% “Up Time.”.

Our Host Provider does hosting only, this means your website does not have to share bandwidth with High-bandwidth websites (like gambling sites etc), an over extended  number of websites or other services like Voice over IP, ftp servers sharing large files, Users surfing the internet, etc…..

Hosting fees are payable in advance, either monthly by debit order or bank deposit.
If paid annually, by cheque or bank deposit.


Monthly Fee£6.50£9.00£14.50£18.50
Once-off Set-up Fee£12£19£25£35
WEBSITE FEATURESMiniBasicStandardAdvanced
Disk Space, MB5005,00010,00020,000
Transfer, MB1,00010,00025,00050,000
Web-based Email (Webmail) 
Forwarding & Autoresponders 
Anti-virus scanning 
Anti-spam Filter 
Full range of MIME types 
99.9% uptime
Weekly back-ups
UPS & Diesel generator
CGI counter/date/time
CGIEMAIL (form-to-mail)
PHP4 & 5 
MySQL 5 124
Shopping cart optional
eCommerce (via bank deposits) optional
Full eCommerce (credit cards)  optional
Google Submission Free first
SEO & Search Engine Submission optionalFree first
Domain registration cost£19.50 pa. (2 years in advance)
.com, .org, .net, .info, .biz£24 registration – £19.50 pa. (2 years in advance)

PLEASE NOTE: Domain registration costs are non-refundable.


Set-up or Convert to CMSYou have the option of upgrading your static website into a dynamic CMS site. On Basic accounts or higher only.£20.00 
Account UpgradeYou have the option of converting your current account into one of the other, higher account types.£2.50 
Account DowngradeYou have the option of converting your current account into one of the other, lower account types.£8.00
POP3-Accessible MailboxIndependent, pass-worded, remotely accessible mailboxes under your domain.£1.50£1.00
Traffic usage above thresholdTraffic usage is monitored on a monthly basis, and over usage invoiced accordinglyFree0.1p per MB
Additional Disk Space (per 500 MB block)Add disk space to your current account to meet your growing needs in 500 MB blocks.Free£2.75
Domain ParkingUse additional domains to point to the same site as an existing domain.£4.00, plus name registration£1.00
Multiple Domains

Multiple domains are hosted on an independent Classic Account (Basic to Advanced) and each domain can have its own files. Includes:

1 catch-all mailbox (unlimited e-mail aliases)

Online Web Mailbox

£4.00, plus name registration£4.50
Domain ForwardingDomain forwarding to an IP-address / domain name of your choice.£8.00, plus name registration£3.00
SSL EncryptionUse our server to accept sensitive information.£18.00£5.00
SEARCH ENGINE SUBMISSIONThe site is submitted to the major International and local search engines £25.00


1) .de registrations require a valid ownership address in Germany.
2) All services are subject to our standard terms and conditions
3) Standard Certificate pricing is taken from THAWTE’s schedule and is transferred to the client.
4) Payment is due on presentation of invoice.