CMS WEBSITE SETUP & DESIGN : A Typical Dynamic (Content managed) Website

Domain name & CMS Installation & Hosting Set-up
Design & Create website with a new look & feel
Navigation 6 Main menu items @ £6 / item ie1) Home & Navigation,
2) About us or Company Profile,
3) Products or Services or Gallery,
4) Support or FAQ or News,
5) Ordering or Links,
6) Contact us
(free items) Cookie consent, Terms, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Sitemap
Website page content insertion, editing & optimising pages for the 5 items above @ £15 / page
TOTAL £196


LANDMARK Designs requires a 12 month signed contract with new clients. Design of your website will commence upon payment of a deposit covering the domain registration, set-up and one website page (approx £60). Cancellation by the client within the first year can be made with 30 days written notice and carries a pro-rata cancellation fee dependant on the type of website.


LANDMARK Designs can design and create your website at a very cost effective rate. We can provide this, as we only create websites for clients who host with us.

In the event of cancellation of the contract or hosting of a website – the design (look & feel) and copyright of the website can be purchased for £115 (Databases & programming are not included as the website CAN NOT be transferred due to the embedded CMS system which is integrated with the hosting service, containing proprietary code and security features).