SETUP & DESIGN: A Typical Dynamic (Content managed) Website

Domain name & CMS Installation & Hosting Set-up
Design & Create website with a new look & feel
Navigation 6 Main menu items @ £6 / item ie
– 1) Home & Navigation,
– 2) About us or Company Profile,
– 3) Products or Services or Gallery,
– 4) Support or FAQ or News,
– 5) Ordering or Links,
– 6) Contact us

(free items):- Cookie consent, Terms, Sitemap, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy
Website page content insertion, editing & optimising pages for the 5 items above @ £15 / page


LANDMARK Designs requires a 12 month signed contract with new clients. Design of your website will commence upon payment of a deposit covering the domain registration, set-up and one website page (approx £60). Cancellation by the client within the first year can be made with 30 days written notice and carries a pro-rata cancellation fee dependant on the type of website.

LANDMARK Designs can design and create your website at a very cost effective rate. We can provide this, as we only create websites for clients who host with us.

In the event of cancellation of the contract or hosting of a website – the design (look & feel) and copyright of the website can be purchased for £115 (Databases & programming are not included as the website CAN NOT be transferred due to the embedded CMS system which is integrated with the hosting service, containing proprietary code and security features).